Conditions for visiting contractors

The contractor and the TEPA contact person are to communicate any risks with each other and take appropriate safety measures (eg. Setting up safety cones, warning signs etc.).

NOTE! At the risk of dust or smoke, Daniel Persson at TEPA is to be contacted to turn off the fire alarm! Our fire alarms are connected directly to the emergency services, false alarms are invoiced.

At repetitive visits suppliers obtaines a fictitious employee number in our time recording terminal on arrival and departure so that we know who is in the building for a possible evacuation and reporting to the tax revenue servicies when construction work is performed.

The contractor provides it's staff with approved personal protective equipment required for work. This includes protective shoes, clothing that is flame retardant, hearing protection and safety goggles.

Permission for "hot work" is issued by Peter Andersson at TEPA. Temporary license for truck driving are also issued by Peter Andersson or Lotta Grahn.

The contractor must have their own insurance. Tepa is reporting possible occupational accident to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. The contractor reports occurred injuries to their own insurance.

The contractor shall maintain order in the workplace so that the materials, tools and waste do not prevent the operation or constitute a risk of accidents. Unless otherwise agreed, the contractor should clean up after themselves, waste is to be pre sorted in the appropriate containers. Chemical products are to be removed from TEPA by the contractor. TEPA can provide the list of what is authorized to bring to the workplace.

Caution - use common sense !!!

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