At each visit you have to report your entry at the front desk and wait for your contact person. The front dest is located at the TEPA Nord (north) building. Your TEPA contact person is responsible for your registration and your safety at your visit. 

Use protective equipment according to the signs, this includes safety goggles and a safety vest. Your contact person is wearing an orange vest, visitors use yellow vests. Vest and googles can be borrowed at TEPA.

Please note the escape routes. If there is an evacuation alarm, leave the building, follow your contact person and head to the assembly point outside the tool workshop, east of the smeltery.

Pay extra attention when walking or staying in our truck aisles, please avoid them if possible. We transport molten metal, fork lift trucks with molten metal has a long stopping distance.

Inform your contact person if an environmental or security risks is detected.

Children under 18 years old are only allowed in the production premises, in the company of an adult.

Tenhult has a railway station and there are many daily train stops. The train station is located about 3 km from the factory. TEPA can arrange with a pick-up at the train station, talk to your contact person.

Tenhults Pressgjuteri AB, Metallvägen 4, 560 31 Tenhult, Telefon: 036 - 39 37 70