State of the art cooling technology

As a result of the recently installed new die casting machines. The operation needs enhanced cooling. Based on TEPA CSR policy and TEPA ISO 14001 certification TEPA has decided to investment in the best available technology on the market (BAT). TEPA has ordered cooling equipment based on propane (R290) as refrigerant, propane has only 3 in GWP (Global warming potential), compared with, for example, R134a which has more than 1400 of GWP. This is very important for the environment. Moreover, the installation has a very high COP value, with a very high energy efficiency.

Installation is done by the company HIGH TECH SOLUTIONS and chillers are produced by SCMREF
Tenhults Pressgjuteri AB, Metallvägen 4, SE-561 61 Tenhult, Telefon: 036 - 39 37 70
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